Tojo’s Restaurant

It is a well-known fact that Tojo’s Restaurant consistently rakes in accolades, awards and celebrities. That makes it the number one Japanese restaurant for visitors to Vancouver and the locals.

A lesser-known fact is that Tojo-san—who is uncompromising in his demands for the best—has been an executive user of AFP Enterprises for more than 15 years. That means APF is the single source for all his mushrooms. His dish, Shiitake shinjo, boasts the finest taste. You won’t find the cheaper, less-pleasant tasting shiitake mushrooms at Tojo’s table.

When that craving for authentic Japanese cuisine and premium sake hits, and there’s not enough time to fly to Japan, Tojo’s Restaurant is Vancouver’s most distinguished destination.

APF has the following suggestions for dining at Tojo’s: Savour the mushrooms in the dishes. Try the omakaze menu. Share some of the many hot dishes and sample the premium sake pairings.

Owner Chef Hidekazu is a master of tradition and innovator of revolutionary taste. He will give you his undivided attention when you order omakaze—the chef’s choice. Behind the sushi bar he forms his special delicacies for you as you watch.

Elsewhere in the sleek and elegant room, parties large and small experience the highest standards of authenticity, service and quality. If you make arrangements in advance, Tojo-san can design unique menus that ensure a memorable experience like no other.

1133 West Broadway Vancouver, BC