Culinary School : PICA

Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts

Not only are APF’s local, organic mushrooms sought after in Vancouver’s best restaurants, they are also in demand at Vancouver’s Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts. APF mushrooms are preferred by the international faculty of European-trained Chef Instructors led by Chef Julian Bond, the school’s Executive Chef, and COO.

This elite faculty trains PICA students in 8 kitchens and 2 classrooms. In addition, at Bakery 101 (a 20-seat café) and Bistro 101 (a 60-seat restaurant), Sommelier and Director of Food, Chef Tim Ellison, guides students as they learn to serve clientele.

APF mushrooms are regularly featured on the menu and in specially prepared dishes on Fridays at Bistro 101’s West Coast Buffet. APF’s partnership with PICA provides students with the high-quality mushrooms they will encounter in the fine establishments where numerous PICA Alumni are likely to make their careers after graduation.

Under the creative direction of Chef Darren Clay, students develop and refine mushroom recipes. On a weekly basis, PICA students have the opportunity to handle top-grade produce often relegated to Asian cuisine and adapt it for Western palates.

To try gourmet recipes by Chef Clay and his students using APF mushrooms, click here.