Foodies’ Recipes

Welcome to APF’s Foodies Page!!

As you already know, we’re in the fresh produce industry, and we definitely love to eat! Eat Fresh, Eat Local, Eat Healthy~ We can never resist a delicious dish, nor the temptations of creating one!

We believe that there are many unexplored ways to enjoy specialty mushrooms, and also, the fusions of their tastes in exotic dishes.

We value all contributions, and any foodies viewing this page will love you for sharing your specially crafted mushroom dish(es).  Whether it be a new discovery, a traditional family dish (of any cuisine), or recipes that you absolutely love and like to share, please e-mail Eric at

On behalf of APF mushrooms, and all foodies, Thank you very much! Happy cooking and enjoy eating (our mushrooms, your style!).

PS. We really appreciate your love for food and health. Special Pricings available for foodies making purchase at our farm. Advance notice required. (Prefered by mail to or our office will be happy to assist you by phone)

Below are some very Delicious Contributions from our fellow Foodies:

Bonnie’s Special – Chunky Organic Mushroom Soup

More To Be Posted Soon