1. How can I store mushrooms properly/ how can I keep mushrooms fresh?

    • Storing in the fridge at 1 – 4 degrees Celsius (33 – 40 degrees Fahrenheit) is recommended
    • GOOD in paper bags (will dry out a bit, but it’s natural)
    • NOT good in sealed plastic bags
  2. How long can I keep mushrooms fresh for?

    • Once the package is opened, we recommend consuming it as soon as possible.
    • Shiitake mushrooms can stay fresh within the package for 2 – 3 weeks (in the fridge).
    • Oyster mushrooms can stay fresh within the package for 1 – 2 weeks (in the fridge).
  3. Is there a difference between the quality and size of any mushrooms?

    • There is no difference in quality with respect to size of the mushrooms.
    • Size difference existed for varieties in culinary preparation and personal preference. Some like it big, some like it bite-sized.
  4. There are some small amounts of hair/fur on my Shiitake mushrooms…?
    • Only present when shiitake mushrooms are at their freshest state. (The fresher they are, the more there is)
    • Will only be present through delicate picking/havesting of shiitake mushrooms. (Give it a few rubs and they’ll disappear.)
    • It is normal and perfectly fine. (when bought directly from farmers, or wholesaler who buys local, fresh, quality mushrooms)
    • See our Mushroom product section on Shiitake for reference.
  5. Does APF Mushrooms sell directly to the public? (not through retail)
    • Yes => Pick up at our farm.
    • Yes =>Delivery for purchase over $20 within the Metro-Vancouver area on specific delivery days. (Some conditions apply, please inquire)
  6. Is the farm open to public for Tour?
    • We apologize as we do not give tours anymore due to a lot of various standards that must be met to continue to provide you with the best possible quality mushrooms, and confidently serve our valued customers with assured quality consistency.


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