About Us

Brief History

Asia Pacific Farm Enterprises was established by Mr. Jules Hou in 1996, with the goal of becoming a leader in the production of specialty mushrooms, to realize a dream of bringing people a healthy product, at the best possible quality, that can be enjoyed daily, or on any occasion, by anyone from any background. With that purpose in mind, today, APF has become the largest organic grower of specialty mushrooms in Western Canada.

Certified Organic, Good Neighbor

APF is certified organic by the Certified Organic Associations of British Columbia (COABC #03-100) and the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association, FVOPA(#14-100) to be fully compliant with organic growing methods. APF has pioneered organic growing methods to the point that from spawn to ‘shroom, our products are free from any pesticides, manure, and all unnatural chemicals. Since we do not use any type of manure in the production process, there is no need to use any pesticides or chemicals to assist in the growing process. This leads, not only to a better-tasting, chemical-free and organic product, but makes APF a good neighbor in the community, releasing no unpleasant and hazardous air or soil pollution into the local environment.


Our facilities include office space, a laboratory for developing high-yield, specialty mushroom spawn, large-scale, climate-controlled greenhouses, and refridgerated storage and packing rooms.